Friday, November 26, 2010

Whew! Zelda Friday

I almost forgot it was Friday! We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with Jon's cousin's family and friends. We even Apple to Appled it up. Zelda hasn't done anything real exciting this week, but I do have a report from her 3 month check up this week.

Birth Weight = 6lbs 14 oz
3 Month Weight = 11lbs 15oz

Birth Height = 18" (we think they mis-measured her)
3 Month Height = 23 1/2" (she grew 1 1/4" from her 2 month appt!)

Head Circumference = 16" (I haven't been keeping track of this one, so we'll start this month)

And I am posting 2 pics this week, since I can't choose. 1) Naked baby! 2) People keep saying we look alike....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last night while cooking some, of what I have been told, delicious honey butter pork tenderloins I burned my left hand really bad. I kept it under running cold water for about and hour and a half which really helped the burns on my finger tips, but the palm of my hand still hurt pretty bad. I cried a lot, from the pain and also because I felt like a horrible mom because Zelda was hungry and I couldn't nurse her because my hand hurt to bad to take it out from under the water :( We figured out a good set up with a chair next to the sink and I nursed her. Jon was such a big help, I couldn't stop thanking him! I couldn't get a real good photo of my hand, but this is the best one. I took it this morning after it healed a little bit and I put some aloe on it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Zelda Friday

Yay! It's Zelda Friday! She turned 3 months yesterday. She doesn't have her 3 month doctor appointment til Tuesday, so you all will have to wait until next Friday to get her weight/height stats. She is still drooling up a storm and loves eating her hands. She spent all day yesterday talking - to herself (in a mirror), to the shower curtain (while I was showering) and to Jon and I. For only being 3 months old she sure has a lot to say! Also, I'm not sure if it's her cloth diapers or her power poops, but she had 3 blowouts this week. We do lots of laundry in this house! In her pic, she is napping with her owl friend. The owl was handmade by my friend Anne out in SF for Zelda, it is absolutely adorable!

Where did this week go?!?

This week flew by in a flash! I was planning on making a post yesterday, but Zelda decided she wasn't going to nap, at all, the whole day. So, yesterday was the 18th. Which marks three months since giving birth! I know that today is Friday, but Zelda will get her own post a little later. This post is all mine! Here is a run down of my post pregnancy stats.

Weight gained during pregnancy = 51 lbs (my goal was 35 lbs, hah)
Weight lost to date =  34 lbs
Stretch marks during pregnancy = none
Stretch marks after pregnancy = a lot (WTF?!?) My guess is my skin was pulled so tight you couldn't see them, but you sure can now!

I wish I was back to pre pregnancy weight, but I am happy with my progress. I also took this photo yesterday. It's my c-section scar, I thought some people may be curious so to see what it looks like. I tried to keep it as PG as possible :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Zelda Friday

I decided that I am only going to post about the baby once a week, on Fridays. I don't want this blog to just be about babies. So this week in Zelda's life she is almost 3 months old. She is really into eating her hands and drooling all over both of us. Jon has been crunching at work for the past two weeks. It's pretty much like me being a single mom that doesn't go to work. He sees her for about 10-15 minutes before he goes to work and she is asleep by the time he gets home. It sucks for everyone =( Below is a pic of Zelda and I on Wednesday morning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorites!

So the holidays are fast approaching and I know you were wondering what you should get me. So I wanted to make it easy for you. Your welcome.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We'll see how this goes...

I guess I'll start this blog off with who I am. My name is Katie, my business is Kaytea. I am 28, recently married (for the 2nd and last time) and an even newer mom. I love crafting and I like what I make, but always feel that most other people are way more creative and their crafts looks way better than mine! I feel like I need to find my niche, so hopefully this blog will help me move outside my crafty comfort zone. My family just recently moved to south Florida and I'm not exactly loving it. We miss our family and friends - oh man, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about everyone! I'm not sure what else to say about myself. How about 3 things most people don't know about me. 1.) I have never broken a bone - I'm sure I have now just jinxed myself. 2.) I am the opposite of a hoarder. I love throwing stuff away! 3.) I dropped out of high school after completing my junior year. I know. Gossip amongst yourselves.

I was going to post of a picture of myself, but I don't have a current one of just me. So here is my amazing family!