Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ahhh, Sunday.

So I am getting lazy. I'm not really lazy, just haven't had time to post - let alone clean my house! Well today is the first day in weeks Jon hasn't worked 14+ hours. In fact, he didn't work at all. It was pure bliss!

We drove around looking for a new place to live, Jon cooked a cod soup that he just threw together and it was surprisingly delicious. I'll admit, I was seriously worried. And well I still didn't do any cleaning. I need to get my act together because Jon's dad is coming this weekend for a couple of days!

As I was saying... I'm getting lazy. Below are all the ornaments I received in my handmade ornament swap. It was a ton of fun. And I love getting mail!


  1. Those are cute! I love the owl ornament. How does one sign up for next year's swap?

  2. You mean the penguin?!?

    I did the swap through this blog