Friday, December 31, 2010

Just a Quickie!

I am running around getting everything packed to leave for Orlando in an hour! Hello New Year, here we come.

Zelda had her 4 month check up on Tuesday, her results:

4 Month Weight = 13lbs 4oz
3 Month Weight = 11lbs 15oz

4 Month Height = 25"
3 Month Height = 23 1/2"

Head circumference is still 16"

The doctor says she is in the 50th percentile for weight, but the 75th percentile for height. Taking after her daddy!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So much to tell!

I had good intentions to blog over the holiday, but as you can see, that didn't happen.

We flew to my parents house outside Dallas, TX on the 22nd and came back home on the 26th. This was Zelda's second time flying and she did great, again! We had a whole row to ourselves on the flight there, but were packed like sardines on the flight home (Jon's back is still hurting). My theory is that no one leaves Ft. Lauderdale, but everyone comes here. Because it was the same when we flew to Detroit.

We had a wonderful time and it made me miss Dallas. On the 23rd we went and saw Jon's uncle & aunt, cousins and cousin's kids. It was crazy, but so much fun. I wish we had more family in Florida, but I figure maybe Zelda and her cousin Marissa are the start of a crazy bunch of kids here.

Zelda had a great first Christmas, even though she slept through most of the present opening. She got clothes, books, and a few toys. I was a horrible mom and forgot to pack her Christmas presents from Jon and I. Luckily she will never remember!

Jon and I also raked it in this year. We got a joint gift from my parents - a video camera! We took some great videos and I will soon become a video posting junkie once I figure out how to get them from camera to computer to blog!

I just about made myself cry when on the 26th I went to delete one blurry photo from my camera and I deleted everything! All our Christmas photos, Zelda's first Christmas. I was so mad at myself. But after two days and one virus I managed to find a free photo recovery program! Below are some of the photos I took.

My dad and Zelda (this was his first time seeing her, and yes she did scream and cry on first sight but quickly warmed up to him, as you can see)

One of my all time favorite photos, she looks like she was really surprised at her pile of presents, she wasn't though.

Auntie Jamie and Zelda, she looks like such a little person!

Our family photo, we decided not to smile to be funny, but I like how it turned out.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ornament Swap

Here are the ornaments I made for the swap! I'm pretty proud of them, I think they turned out really good.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

4 Months!

Just like last month, I missed posting on the 18th. Yesterday was Zelda's 4 monthiversary. Because of the holiday's her doctor schedule is messed up and her next appointment isn't until the 28th. She is getting big and quickly outgrowing her 3 months clothes. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she gets around (she only moves maybe 6 inches) by throwing her legs around. She's become a much happier baby and is so much fun to be around. She has, however, become a lazy eater. She used to be done in 10 minutes, but now she likes to linger for up to 45 minutes. Not really sleeping, not eating, just laying there. I also had a pregnancy scare this morning. I say "I" because Jon did not seem concerned about it. I told him that I don't want another baby right now, and he says it wouldn't be right now it would be in 9 months. So I tell him that if I am, then we will have two babies that can't talk and tell us what is wrong, or what they want and that scares the shit outta me. Again he didn't seemed fazed! I am NOT pregnant, but thought I might have been because I woke up really nauseous with no other symptoms and kept getting waves of nausea throughout the day. I have not had my period return yet, which is common with breastfeeding, but I know you can still get pregnant. After testing negative I took a nap and have felt fine the rest of the day. On Monday I am calling my doctor first thing and getting Paragard (a non-hormonal IUD). I love Zelda, but am not ready for more babies!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Woah, man!

I almost didn't make it to the Zelda Friday post! This week has been a blur. I have way too much to do, and Zelda is not being very helpful. Tonight I really needed Jon to hold and play with her and every time he would take her she'd be good for about 10 minutes before screaming! Then I'd take her back and she would be like "hey what's up, mom? let's play!" She has never done this before and I really hope it's not a trend.

We went this week to have the ultrasound on her hip and it came out great! No hip dysplasia! We haven't gotten to do the physical therapy yet because we have to get pre-authorization from our insurance company. Which, of course, they haven't given it to us yet. I'm sure they are waiting til the new year so that we have to pay our deductible again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret Santa

Wednesday was my knit meet ups holiday party and secret santa exchange. And boy did my secret santa (Brigitte) spoil me! I have included quite a few photos of what I received. In the package was also some sunflower chocolate candies and Jon ate a bunch and his whole mouth turned bright pink. He had to go back to work and couldn't get the pink out even after brushing, it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We got a great deal on an Omaha Steaks package. It came with 4 filet mignons wrapped in bacon, 4 chicken breasts, 4 pork chops, 4 steak burgers, 4 stuffed baked potatoes and 4 apple tartlets for $39.99. It was featured on the Today Show for 24 hours, I was all over that deal. Well we got the meat in the mail today in a huge dry iced box. Here is a pic from our freezer. We had two of the filet mignons and two baked potatoes today. I forgot to take a picture of the cooked food, but that will give me a post for another day!

Friday, December 10, 2010

We've got a thumb sucker!

As of only yesterday Zelda has realized that she has a thumb and that it tastes better than the rest of her hand. It is super cute, but I see $$$ for orthodontic work in the future!

On a different note Zelda has been diagnosed with Torticollis, which is a muscle in her neck being too tight causing her to favor holding her head in one direction and making a flat spot on the back of her head. The doctor also said her face is slightly asymmetrical. She is going to be starting physical therapy next week and in the future may have to wear a helmet. Next week she is also getting an ultrasound on her hips to make sure she doesn't have hip dysplasia. The new doctor that we saw yesterday said she should have had the ultrasound when she was 2-3 weeks old. Needless to say I am super pissed at our old ped and we won't be going back to her. I made the appointment with the other ped in the practice because I thought something was wrong with her head and the new ped took one look at her and said, "yup she has torticollis". All stuff the original ped should have caught. Keeping everything in perspective we still have a super happy, healthy baby and could not be happier!

Caught in the act!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree!

The hubs and I put the lights and ornaments up after we got the baby to sleep tonight. We were debating on not getting a tree since we are going out of state for Christmas, but I just couldn't do it! I love putting on the ornaments and I can't wait til Zelda is old enough to help. Jon contributed zero ornaments from his adult/childhood, but I'm pretty sure he strongly dislikes most of mine. Like the golfing Santa, hah! I don't remember him complaining last year. Which makes me think I decorated the tree while he was at work. Below are pics of the tree, my favorite ornament (the xmas pickle) and a pic of us. For those that have never seen us in person I should mention that Jon is over a foot taller than me and he may even be bending down to my level in the photo!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ornament Swap

As if I don't have enough to do, back in the beginning of November I joined a handmade ornament swap! I am knitting red balls and if I have time I plan on embroidering a large white snowflake on them. I need to make 10. I have 4 done... only 6 to go, UGH! I have received one in the mail and can't wait to get the rest. I'll post pics of all my swap ornaments once I get them all.

Burn update

Just over two weeks since I badly burned my hand my blister broke! It doesn't hurt, and hasn't hurt for awhile, but it by far looks the grossest to date!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Zelda Friday

Zelda is getting really hard to entertain. She only stays occupied for maybe 10 minutes and then starts fussing because she's bored. Except for I don't know what she wants! Well for Christmas my parents got her this exersaucer. It would really help the explanation of it if I had a picture, but I haven't taken one yet so I'll try my best to explain. It's like a playpen full of toys on a saucer and she sit in the middle. Needless to say, she loves it! She doesn't play with any of the toys on it yet, but she likes talking to them. She also has a bumbo that she sits in and she seems to like that as well. I have a picture of her in the bumbo. She loves looking at everything and just taking it all in!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Knitting my butt off!

I wish I could post all the pics of the stuff I had made so far! But I can't til after Christmas. I can show you one though. I made my nephew, Cade, a hat for xmas. I know it's not a great xmas gift for a 10 year old, but his birthday is on the 13th and we gave him a Wii (OK it's a little used, but we had two and it's still in great shape)!

I hope he likes it!
P.S. Don't mind the sleeping baby in the background on the first pic.