Friday, December 17, 2010

Woah, man!

I almost didn't make it to the Zelda Friday post! This week has been a blur. I have way too much to do, and Zelda is not being very helpful. Tonight I really needed Jon to hold and play with her and every time he would take her she'd be good for about 10 minutes before screaming! Then I'd take her back and she would be like "hey what's up, mom? let's play!" She has never done this before and I really hope it's not a trend.

We went this week to have the ultrasound on her hip and it came out great! No hip dysplasia! We haven't gotten to do the physical therapy yet because we have to get pre-authorization from our insurance company. Which, of course, they haven't given it to us yet. I'm sure they are waiting til the new year so that we have to pay our deductible again.

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