Friday, May 27, 2011

So tired!

I haven't posted in over a week! Sorry. Last week my laptop crapped out on me. It's still not fixed, but Jon made it usable. It needs a new fan to keep it from over heating and they no longer make the fan for my 2 year old laptop. You can buy a used one on ebay, but then that gets into how to actually install one?!? So for now, I keep it plugged in while in use and don't have the battery in it which cuts down on the heat a lot. And I use it minimally.

Zelda went for her nine month appointment yesterday, where they took blood from her finger (not a peep from her) and collected urine (in the crazy bag that tapes to her bits). She has a high white blood cell count and they found puss and traces of blood in her urine. They don't think the two things are related, but Zelda and I had to go back to the doctors after her nap to give more urine to send out for analysis. No clue about the white blood cells count being high, but they think she may have a bladder infection. All of it being even more weird that there was no symptoms. No fever, no acting cranky (well until last night) nothing! Then last night she woke up at least 10 times and even Jon got up to try and help. I called the doctor this morning and she thinks that maybe it is hurting her to pee. She has also been in a pretty foul mood this afternoon as well, yay for naps! The doctor gave us some medicine to treat as if it's a bladder infection. Because of the holiday on Monday we won't get the results until Tuesday and we didn't want to wait that long to treat. 

She also didn't gain very much weight - for the 2nd month - and have been dropped down to the 10th percentile. Our doctor says we may need to supplement with formula because my supply may be decreasing. I'm super bummed if that's the reason. I am drinking a ton of water to see if I can get my supply up!

A week and a half ago when she started to pull herself up on things!

Playing with her walker - she's driving.

She thinks it's hilarious to sit up while I'm trying to put on her diaper.

Eating the changing table

Blocks - YUM!

So happy!

Outside our window. This mama duck has too many babies!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger had some issues yesterday and part of this morning. It ate my post from Wednesday, and then spit it back out a couple of hours ago! It's funny to look through my reader and see everyone who uses blogger and re-read their Wednesday posts.

Some good news on the home front. The sellers are putting the house back up for sale - which means they can't take us to court to make us try and buy the house! They want our deposit, which we are still fighting them on, but also want to take us to court for 'damages'. But as our lawyer pointed out they can only do one of those things - take the deposit or take us to court later, not both. While taking us to court is still on the table, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. We have stayed on the same course since we hired an attorney and all the sellers have done is try to bully us and keep changing their position, which makes them look even more like liars.

I also went through my closet this week. I need to pack away my maternity clothes and the few things I took out for the Florida winter. I also have a bunch of stuff from before I lost weight and pre-pregnancy that I feel comfortable with selling/donating. I'm not big into bragging, but I lost 20lbs just before I got pregnant. I gained 51 freaking pounds while pregnant, and as of today have lost 57lbs since giving birth!

And I totally just hijacked Zelda post, so here are some adorable pictures!

Zelda fell asleep against the crib bumper which is corduroy!

Eating toast and watching the Today show, also giving the Elvis lip.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In an effort to post more than just on Friday's I decided to sit down and write you. The housing crap is still on my mind, all the time. I also wanted to add, that we are in no way suing anyone. It is, in fact, the other way around. They say if we do not close on the house that they will take us to court and make us buy the house. Let me tell you, as crazy as that sounds and as many people have told you all you will loose is your deposit, untrue! No you cannot just walk away from a house and the only thing you will loose is your deposit. I'll keep you posted as to the outcome, but to say we are bummed wouldn't even cover it.

Also, the house looks like shit. I can't keep the house clean and craft apparently. So crafting has taken a back seat to trying to get the house livable and baby proofed. I think Zelda may be crawling soon! And Jon in on crunch this week at work and probably this weekend as well. The video game industry is not a family friendly one. It rocks if you don't have kids, you get to sleep in and come to work later and go out drinking with your buddies afterwards. But every place "crunches" and it's stupid. They are in bad need of some project management people!

Zelda and I a couple of weeks ago. Her first pool experience.

Just because I like posting funny pictures of myself.

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been a bad week

Not for Zelda, but for Jon and I. I don't really want to get into details, maybe after this whole thing blows over, but the gist is we went under contract on a house and things came to light after our 'walk away' period. We feel like we were scammed by our realtor, the sellers and our first inspector. Needless to say we now have an attorney and may be going to court. We are really hoping to settle this out of court and that it goes our way. Please say some prayers, think good thoughts, whatever it is you do - we need it!

I haven't posted since last Friday because that was all consuming. I didn't take any photos or video of Zelda, but when I realized today was Friday I got right on it. This afternoon I put Zelda in her crib to play while I cleaned up her room and folded her laundry. She doesn't pick up after herself, which is getting real annoying :). She pulled herself up to her knees (she hasn't figured out the standing part yet) and started biting on her crib. As soon as I saw this I flashed back to a picture that has long been hanging in my parents house of me doing the exact same thing. I quick ran and grabbed the camera and I think it's one of the best photos I've got of her! Also, video bonus!