Friday, April 29, 2011

Same old, Same old

Been busy with house stuff so I didn't take any pictures this week! I did take this video a couple of weeks ago of Jon and Zelda. Super cute.

FYI - she is screaming out of joy. He is not actually eating her.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Zelda had her first egg hunt this morning. She had fun putting the eggs in her mouth after Jon found them for her (I hid them while he was sleeping). I only hid 6 eggs in the living room and it was hard to find hiding places since it's mostly just boxes now. Jon and I dyed them after Zelda went to bed last night on a whim and I'm glad I have pictures to remember it! Next year we will get her a basket!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Zelda is a little behind the times at 8 months old and just discovered that she can roll all the way across the room and back. It's so much fun watching her discover new things! She is also saying mamamamamama. She doesn't associate it with me, but she's still saying it. I forgot to update you last week on her new stats from the last time we went to the doctor.

7.5 Month Weight = 15lbs 13oz - Yes, only a 3oz gain. We got in trouble, so I am really trying to get her to eat more!
6.5 Month Weight = 15lbs 10oz

7.5 Month Height = 27 3/4"
6.5 Month Height = 26 3/4"

And I forgot to get her head measurements!

And for a special Good Friday episode of Zelda Friday - TWO VIDEOS!

For some reason the video isn't great on this one.


Monday, April 18, 2011


I made my first embroidery! I plan on getting it framed and to hang it in Zelda's room. I'm pretty happy with it. I got the pattern from Sew She Sews flickr page. It only took me a couple of days and I got to try out a few stitches.
*picture taken with my cell phone, so it's not great

Friday, April 15, 2011

Babble Babble Babble

This past week Zelda has really started "talking". It is so cute! She started off as a quite baby, then she discovered her voice and would scream happily and now she has started bababadadada. She is also trying to get to stuff from on her belly. She hasn't seemed to figure it out yet and has only scooted backwards and it really frustrates her. She tries so hard to go forward she sticks her tongue out. And Zelda is attending her first birthday party! Her cousin Marissa is turning one next week and her party is on Sunday, Zelda is super excited!

First time on the swing a few weeks ago

Trying out a crocheted hat she got at her baby shower!

Craft Show Wrap-Up

It's been almost a week since the craft fair and I have not made one thing since! I have however been spending Zelda's naps cleaning up the house, which went to shit in crafting crunch time. I had fun, but I am thinking my craft show career may be over for awhile. I didn't make nearly as much sales as I would have liked and it is really hard to bring Zelda with us. She is a bad napper to begin with and Jon could only get her to take two 45 minute naps! She wasn't grumpy, she was actually very well behaved the whole time, but she'll start crawling soon. Also, I still haven't managed to get her to take a bottle so she goes where I go.

I didn't take nearly as many photos as I should have. I only have one of my booth to show you. Jon and I did come up with some good ideas on how to spice up the booth for the next time we do a craft show. And I chatted a bunch with the seller next to me, Jessell of She is Crafting My Doom. She's from So Cal and we commiserated about living in Florida. And after talking to my sister in SF, Florida is maybe not as behind the times as I thought, but confirmed that - yes, the 80's are back. So many sweatshirts with the neck and arms cut off, a see threw lace top with only a bra on underneath and neon colors. It makes me feel old. I just can't get behind bringing the 80's back.

So in conclusion, I have a lot of stuff that I have already started listing on my etsy page. And for reading my blog you get 10% off everything (shipping not discounted)! Use coupon code BLOGGER at checkout.

Zelda is manning the booth.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Not much to report on

The only thing we have going on this week is Zelda is cutting her top two teeth! Oh, I did forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that we went to a place to have Zelda's head measured to see if she needs a helmet. They said she was in the moderate to severe category and recommended a helmet. We are going to get a second opinion since we don't think it looks that bad. Wearing a helmet is not a big deal to us and we think that they are fairly cute. What is not so 'cute' is that our insurance will not cover cranial orthotics, so if we choose to get her one we will be out at least $3k. We pay a shit ton per month and they cover almost nothing. I just got a bill in the mail for $105 (already paid a $45 co-pay) from when I had pink eye, cause they apparently won't cover it. We could be driving a brand new sparkly Mercedes (not that I want one) for as much as we pay. I'll stop ranting now, cause I could go on for a long time...

She loves tugging on Jon's beard.

Attacking the paparazzi (aka Jon)

Hanging out with her grenade from Uncle Alex.

Finally got a pic of those pearly whites!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

For little miss Getty!

There is a beautiful baby girl named Getty that my friend Stacey introduced me to. I have never met Getty in person, just through her blog, but I do know Stacey and she has put so much into helping Getty. Getty has SMA1-Spinal Muscle Atrophy and it is the #1 genetic killer of children. Well Stacey put into motion an album to benefit the Getty Owl Foundation. There is a preview of the album here and you can also use that link to purchase the album on itunes. It came out on Tuesday and last time I checked it was #7 of the top children's albums on itunes, let's make it #1!!!

Album cover:

Getty on her 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago:
(photo credit from Getty's blog)
Zelda participating in Getty's virtual 1st birthday! (Zelda partially ate the bday sign!)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday! Woot!

This week in baby news: I have broken down and resorted to CIO (cry it out). The most hated and controversial forms of baby torture. We are not having that bad of a go at it. The first night she woke up she cried for 40 minutes til she fell asleep then the second time she woke up only for 10 minutes the third time she woke up it was 2:30am and thought she had gone long enough without eating. Then she woke at 5am for the day. Last night the first time she woke was at 1am!!! She cried for about 15-20 minutes and went back to sleep until 3am at which point I fed her and she didn't wake up until 7am! I was prompted to try the CIO thing from a woman on my baby forums that was in a similar waking every 2 hours situation and in the middle of the night fell down the stairs and spent the night in the ER. We don't have stairs, but the point being I am too damn tired and I don't want to fall while holding the baby.

We are also having issues with Zelda eating solid foods. She almost completely refuses. She clenches her mouth shut so you can't get the spoon in. On the rare occasion you can trick her and get her to smile or willingly open her mouth. I have been on the same jar of stage 2 baby food for a couple of days. I have been supplementing with puffs and fruit in her mesh bag (which is crazy messy). She really tries to feed herself so I took some pictures yesterday of Zelda 'feeding' herself prunes and oatmeal. It is up on the back of the high chair and not shown in the picture is it all in her hair.

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday (I'll be 29), I'm sure your gifts are still in the mail :)