Friday, April 8, 2011

Not much to report on

The only thing we have going on this week is Zelda is cutting her top two teeth! Oh, I did forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that we went to a place to have Zelda's head measured to see if she needs a helmet. They said she was in the moderate to severe category and recommended a helmet. We are going to get a second opinion since we don't think it looks that bad. Wearing a helmet is not a big deal to us and we think that they are fairly cute. What is not so 'cute' is that our insurance will not cover cranial orthotics, so if we choose to get her one we will be out at least $3k. We pay a shit ton per month and they cover almost nothing. I just got a bill in the mail for $105 (already paid a $45 co-pay) from when I had pink eye, cause they apparently won't cover it. We could be driving a brand new sparkly Mercedes (not that I want one) for as much as we pay. I'll stop ranting now, cause I could go on for a long time...

She loves tugging on Jon's beard.

Attacking the paparazzi (aka Jon)

Hanging out with her grenade from Uncle Alex.

Finally got a pic of those pearly whites!

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  1. oh my goodness, give her to me now! how adorable!