Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday! Woot!

This week in baby news: I have broken down and resorted to CIO (cry it out). The most hated and controversial forms of baby torture. We are not having that bad of a go at it. The first night she woke up she cried for 40 minutes til she fell asleep then the second time she woke up only for 10 minutes the third time she woke up it was 2:30am and thought she had gone long enough without eating. Then she woke at 5am for the day. Last night the first time she woke was at 1am!!! She cried for about 15-20 minutes and went back to sleep until 3am at which point I fed her and she didn't wake up until 7am! I was prompted to try the CIO thing from a woman on my baby forums that was in a similar waking every 2 hours situation and in the middle of the night fell down the stairs and spent the night in the ER. We don't have stairs, but the point being I am too damn tired and I don't want to fall while holding the baby.

We are also having issues with Zelda eating solid foods. She almost completely refuses. She clenches her mouth shut so you can't get the spoon in. On the rare occasion you can trick her and get her to smile or willingly open her mouth. I have been on the same jar of stage 2 baby food for a couple of days. I have been supplementing with puffs and fruit in her mesh bag (which is crazy messy). She really tries to feed herself so I took some pictures yesterday of Zelda 'feeding' herself prunes and oatmeal. It is up on the back of the high chair and not shown in the picture is it all in her hair.

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday (I'll be 29), I'm sure your gifts are still in the mail :)

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  1. Oh man what a mess. Have you thought about stripping her down and putting her in a bucket while she tries to feed herself? LOL.

    Happy early birthday! You are getting the best present from me, and that is I did NOT make you something with my own "artistic abilities." I wouldn't want to ruin such a special day for you, haha.

    Seriously though, I forgot your birthday was so soon, and I don't have anything in the mail for you. What a terrible friend! I'm really sorry. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! <3