Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger had some issues yesterday and part of this morning. It ate my post from Wednesday, and then spit it back out a couple of hours ago! It's funny to look through my reader and see everyone who uses blogger and re-read their Wednesday posts.

Some good news on the home front. The sellers are putting the house back up for sale - which means they can't take us to court to make us try and buy the house! They want our deposit, which we are still fighting them on, but also want to take us to court for 'damages'. But as our lawyer pointed out they can only do one of those things - take the deposit or take us to court later, not both. While taking us to court is still on the table, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. We have stayed on the same course since we hired an attorney and all the sellers have done is try to bully us and keep changing their position, which makes them look even more like liars.

I also went through my closet this week. I need to pack away my maternity clothes and the few things I took out for the Florida winter. I also have a bunch of stuff from before I lost weight and pre-pregnancy that I feel comfortable with selling/donating. I'm not big into bragging, but I lost 20lbs just before I got pregnant. I gained 51 freaking pounds while pregnant, and as of today have lost 57lbs since giving birth!

And I totally just hijacked Zelda post, so here are some adorable pictures!

Zelda fell asleep against the crib bumper which is corduroy!

Eating toast and watching the Today show, also giving the Elvis lip.

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