Saturday, February 11, 2012


Lookie I made a post! I got a gentle nudge from a friend today to post some new pics of Zelda (thanks Anne!). Instead of talking all about what's been going on over the last 3 months, I'm just going to load this post up with pictures! Enjoy :)

 Christmas in MI - Zelda and Aunt Lindsay
 Zelda got an awesome circus tent for Christmas
 She's crazy
 Funny faces
 Me and Z
 Zelda attacking cookie monster (Christian playing guitar in the background)
 Me and Odin... oh yeah Kendall too :)
 Uncle Christian and Zelda
 Grandma Cooper, Jon and Zelda
 Kendall and I
 Cause we look so good
 The boys
 Back at home, Zelda on her pirate ship
 Getting daring - good thing dad is spotting
 Zelda got a asian silk pants suit
 It came with a hat
 Up close
 Several snapshots of how feeding herself yogurt went down...

 Upset because she got so messy!
 Lots of these pictures.
 The "don't take my picture, give me the camera. Why would you say no... wahhhhhh!"
 Must hold all toys while watching the TV.

Hat I made Zelda, it matches a sweater vest I made. Again, upset I wouldn't give her the camera.

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  1. I made the blog! Hooray! I love all the pictures! Zelda is getting so big! And that is a really sweet pirate ship she has. :)