Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby dress

It took me just over 2 months to knit, but I finished it! And I have a week to spare before the wedding we are going to next Friday (in Chicago, for one of my high school best friends and the guy that introduced Jon and I). While I think the final product is the bees knees, I am not in love with the pattern. I think it would have been a lot easier if knit from the bottom up and not having to do a provisional cast on. The writer of the pattern did explain that she did it that way for better fitting purposes. The other part of the pattern that really bothered me was picking up the stitches of the sleeves to make the ribbing. I don't remember the exact stitch count, but it was something like pick up 47 stitches when there was only maybe 30 stitches and I had to pull 17 stitches from other areas around the sleeve. That part took me forever, and caused the sleeves to roll (which I was able to get to lay flat in blocking). Below are some photos of the dress. I appliqu├ęd one of my hedgehog designs to the corner of the dress as well! So cute!

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