Friday, November 19, 2010

Where did this week go?!?

This week flew by in a flash! I was planning on making a post yesterday, but Zelda decided she wasn't going to nap, at all, the whole day. So, yesterday was the 18th. Which marks three months since giving birth! I know that today is Friday, but Zelda will get her own post a little later. This post is all mine! Here is a run down of my post pregnancy stats.

Weight gained during pregnancy = 51 lbs (my goal was 35 lbs, hah)
Weight lost to date =  34 lbs
Stretch marks during pregnancy = none
Stretch marks after pregnancy = a lot (WTF?!?) My guess is my skin was pulled so tight you couldn't see them, but you sure can now!

I wish I was back to pre pregnancy weight, but I am happy with my progress. I also took this photo yesterday. It's my c-section scar, I thought some people may be curious so to see what it looks like. I tried to keep it as PG as possible :)


  1. im glad your not flashing us your belly button, cause thats way not PG!

  2. Hah! I wish I was just covering my belly button and not holding in my belly!

  3. Your tattoos held up really well and you look great! Don't worry!

  4. You look great! Our stomachs look about the same, and I've never been pregnant!

    Also, I'm really surprised how small that incision is. I always assumed they had to cut you from hip to hip to get a baby out, haha.

  5. That is the best looking c-section scar I've ever seen! My sister's was huge and vertical.