Friday, November 26, 2010

Whew! Zelda Friday

I almost forgot it was Friday! We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with Jon's cousin's family and friends. We even Apple to Appled it up. Zelda hasn't done anything real exciting this week, but I do have a report from her 3 month check up this week.

Birth Weight = 6lbs 14 oz
3 Month Weight = 11lbs 15oz

Birth Height = 18" (we think they mis-measured her)
3 Month Height = 23 1/2" (she grew 1 1/4" from her 2 month appt!)

Head Circumference = 16" (I haven't been keeping track of this one, so we'll start this month)

And I am posting 2 pics this week, since I can't choose. 1) Naked baby! 2) People keep saying we look alike....

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  1. I like both pics, but wow!, you two really *do* look alike!

    Dropping in from the blogs post on BabyCenter.