Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm back!

OK, I am getting back into my regularly scheduled blogging routine this week, I swear! (Which really just means I promise a Zelda Friday post!)

And I'm giving you a bonus Zelda post since I've been lagging!

She is getting over her first cold and cough, which has led to some very sleepless nights. Also, while we were in MI she got her first tooth, and then last week her 2nd one cut through! I haven't taken and pictures since we've been home, but I have a few stock piled.

She got tired of holding her head up waiting for me to get her food ready.

Hanging out on her play mat

Loving her Exersaucer!

And finally, she loves styling my hair!


  1. What a sweet, happy baby! I did not get to see enough of her in Michigan. I'm glad she's feeling better, and hope you are both getting some sleep again. =)