Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!

Last night was the most difficult night on record. Zelda was up almost every hour and from 3-4am and 5-6am she stayed awake the whole hour. The doctor says we need to let her CIO (cry it out) at night. She goes to sleep great, we put her down awake and she talks to herself her a few minutes then dozes off. It's the staying asleep part which is proving to be tricky. Tonight before we started our bedtime routine I fed her oatmeal - which she usually gets in the morning. Hopefully that really filled her up and might help her stay asleep. She is into trying to feed herself, but it's not going so well.

Oh, I forgot to mention today is Zelda's 7 month birthday! She went to the doctor on 3.10 and these are her stats:

6.5 Month Weight = 15lbs 10oz
5 Month Weight = 14lbs 4oz

6.5 Month Height = 26 3/4"
5 Month Height = 25 1/2"

6.5 Month Head Circumference = 17 1/8"
5 Month Head Circumference = 16 1/2"

My mom went home on Wednesday, but here she is with Zelda!


  1. Too cute! I miss you Zelda! Kaytea & Jon too.

  2. Oh man, what a mess!

    Your mom must be really tiny, because that little baby looks ginormous compared to her, haha!