Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 Months!

Zelda is 5 months today! We don't have another doctor appointment until the 27th so I don't have any new stats. She grabs for everything. She still doesn't seem interested in food. Oh, on my last post I said nothing of note has happened. And my mom told me that's not true! Zelda did roll over - once. I said to her I didn't post because I didn't want to bring it to people's attention that she is a slow roller. On her back she rolls to the side, but never all the way over. The one time she rolled from her tummy to her back was like watching it in slow motion because it took her about five minutes! Yesterday was super funny, she was getting some tummy time on our bed and she was between my legs while I was knitting. I sing to her during tummy time because if you don't sing to her she just lays there and cries. So after a couple of versus of "The Wheels on the Bus" I notice that she is no longer moving or singing along with me. So I look down and she was fast asleep! I then had to sit on the bed with her for the next two hours while she slept because we have a pillow top bed and it would have been super easy for her to suffocate herself. We never let her sleep on her tummy and with her hatred for tummy time I was so surprised to find her asleep!

Below are some pics from when we went to Downtown Disney over New Year's!

This is my aunt Adrienne and Zelda

My cousin Grace and Zelda

Jon being a pirate

I'm princess Minnie

The lego Loch Ness!

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  1. You may find that while she hates tummy time she looooves sleeping on her tummy. Leyton slept on his tummy from the moment he could roll over and he never slept better!