Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday.

I am so glad you are almost over. We have closed out another week of Jon being on crunch and it's looking like they might extend it past the 31st. Poop.

I am getting increasingly annoyed living in our apartment complex. It's the little things. Mainly all the little things that wake Zelda up while she is sleeping, making me have one cranky baby on my hands. The high school kids getting off the bus at 4pm everyday, the downstairs neighbor going for a smoke outside and bringing her 1.5 and 3 year olds with her to run around and scream, the car honks, the upstairs neighbor - who I think is building a new kitchen... oh, and my ultimate favorite one, the outside our front door fire alarm going off at midnight and the fire fighters having to come and turn it off, there was no fire. Our lease is up at the end of April and we are exploring our options!

Zelda has been doing great at PT and we have already been put down to once a week visits instead of twice a week. I attempted today to make some baby food, but failed. I think I needed to steam my carrots for longer, or my Cuisinart really sucks at pureeing them. We also had a doctor visit yesterday so here are her stats:

5 Month Weight = 14lbs 4oz
4 Month Weight = 13lbs 4oz

5 Month Height = 25 1/2" (thank goodness, she was gaining more than an inch each visit, I was starting to worry!)
4 Month Height = 25"

5 Month Head Circumference = 16 1/2"
3 & 4 Month Head Circumference = 16" 

We've learned this at PT!

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