Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hubby brought home the beetus!

While driving to Orlando, Jon tells me that he is thirsty all the time. On the 3 1/2 hour drive we stopped 4 times, half to get something to drink and nurse the other half to pee! I told him that when we get home that I was going to make him a doctor appointment. And that is exactly what I did. On Monday I got a same day appointment. If any of you know Jon, he was pissed. He does NOT go to doctors. But other than getting his blood drawn it was a pretty painless visit. They didn't even chide him for smoking!

Tuesday we got the results back. Jon has type 2 diabetes. Armed with a couple diabetic cookbooks, exercise, a couple of medications and a blood glucose tester we are going to get this under control. The first thing my mom asked me was "what are his numbers?" His glucose was 396, which is seriously high!

From what we have learned from the internet the diabetic diet is mainly cutting out a lot of carbs and eating more veggies. Things with carbs include alcohol, pasta, bread, fruit and soda. I could live on a diet of only carbs! But we are going this together and I too will be eating this new diet.

I love, love, love my husband and could not imagine going this life without him. <3


  1. When Andrew read this to me, I said "Eew." Then I paused for a second, and said, "Oh, wait. Not eew. That's sad!"

    So, give Jon big hugs and help him with his new lifestyle because you're the superwife that you are. Also, make sure he knows that his beetus doesn't gross me out. It was a verbal typo :(

  2. He's lucky to have such a supportive wife! My mom has type 2 diabetes and I'm familiar with the diet. It did wonders for me as well when she when on it, great weight loss!

  3. How's the diet going? I hope you can get him under control.... lol jk, no I'm not really, stubborn streaks run rampant in our family.... really I mean the beetus of course! and I know what you mean about living on 'em! I know your taking good care of him Katie but you can't be around him all the time. So, tell my little Jonathon to take care of himself!
    Or else! I know he's really afraid of me...
    Keep up the good work girl... you've got a lot on your plate!
    Love you All!